The St. Andrew's Society of the City of Albany
Organized November 10,1803

Welcome to the St. Andrew's Society

Welcome to the St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Albany!  We invite you to stroll through these pages to learn about our past and our vision for the future.  You will see images that tell a story which began in 1803 and continues today.  We are a Society that continues to be an important part of the Albany community through our deeds quietly performed.  Our motto “Relieve the Distressed” and our creed “Faire Sans Dire” (Do Without Speaking) have guided us through 200 years of service in the Capital District of New York.  We are a Society of Scots who have recently moved to these shores and Scots whose ties to Scotland are many generations past.  We have a story to tell and a history to keep alive.  We hope that you will find this story interesting and inspiring as you move through these pages.



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